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Bulk Watermark

Pre-selector can bulk watermark or bulk stamp your own custom logo in all the images you select. Just go to Preferences > General.

To Upload your custom logo, click the "Select File" Button. Note that, without any logo, you can't choose a template option, so make sure to load a logo before hand.

Bulk Watermark Window

To change the logo, just upload a new one or remove it by clicking the X next to the logo name.


Opacity will add transparency to your logo. You can control transparency by manipulating the "Opacity Slider".

Opacity Examples


Angle will rotate your logo by any degree of freedom you specify in the "Angle Slider"

Angle Examples


Size will change the width and height of your logo. You can control how big or small the logo will be using the "Size Slider".

Image Size Example


Template will change drastically the layout of your logo or image. This and all other options can be combined to get 100s of diferent logo positions to suit your particular need or style. With time, this option will have more and more options to choose from.

Templates Examples

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