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With Erabo Pre-Selector you can pre-select and compress any photography session; or bulk resize and share your images. Pre-Selector also keeps the original files in a separate folder thus allowing you to edit originals later.

Change Compression Size

You can choose the resulting image size by going to Preferences > Behaviour. There you can specify compression width. You don't need to worry about the height, Erabo resizes images preserving its aspect ratio.

Behaviour Page

Moving vs Copying

After compression is completed, Erabo Pre-Selector will ask if you want to move or copy the original images ( RAW Files or Original Files).

Moving may be a lot faster, though this action will move images out of the source folder to the destination folder you specify.

Copying will create a copy of the selected images on the destination folder. This method may take longer and will consume more storage. Although when in doubt, this option shall be preferred.

Moving vs coping dialog

Folder Structure

Pre-Selector will generate a Project Folder with 2 Folders inside:

Originals: Contains the original images as they are, no resize or filters applied. Usually this folder contains your RAWs image files (the ones produced by your camera).

Preselection: Contains copies of the selected images, resize and filters applied.

Folders Structure Image

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